Master of Utau and Hikari.


online name: Kana

real name: Kayla

height: 5"6

weight: 125

Not much is known about her but she loves to dress up her vocaloids in frilly dresses, despite this she loves to wear emo, punk, and gothic clothing.


Relations with her VocaloidsEdit

Gets along well with Hikari and is around her often listening to her practice guitar or drums but is occassionaly creeped out by her or dragged off to the mall. Her relationship with Utau is strange they usually hang out with eachother and make cosplay or watch anime but she tends to try to get Utau in to frilly pink dresses and always says she should get a boyfriend/girlfriend, in response Utau will just leave to practice her sword fighting. She also gets used as target practice often due to her teasing Utau.