The vocaloid academy application 2 by amutolover98-d54bhjc

Master is amutolover98.


Name: Hikari Kagara

Age: 16

She's Utau's cousin she loves everything sweet, sugary, and cute. Usually wears "fairy kei" style clothing when she's not in her vocaloid outfit. Plays the guitar and drums because she thinks there more fun and exciting. She tends to follow around Utau and always wants to know what she's doing, she also glomps her almost every time she see's her. She's not very good in school and says thinking too much gives her a headache, her quote is "have as much fun as possible till the day you die". Her favorite foods are blueberry muffins and cheesy noodles, also she hates spicy food. she's working at a music store close to the school.



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