More commonly know as Florence.



Alias: Florence, SuperFloree, Floree, etc...

Age: 13

A self-proclaimed idiot who many others call that too. She's Chinese-Canadian, but ends up spending most of her time in the USA. Good friends with monkey7lover and Kogome62, knowing both of them in real life. Known for her stories and fanfics on TVA, along with some of her drawings.


Very easy-going, and a bit of an airhead at times. Not caring much for most things, like Rynee, but remains happy instead of gloomy. She holds no prejudice of any kind. She also tries very hard to get Rynee with Lek sometimes, usually resulting with her getting knocked unconcious by Rynee. She literally has the "inability to hate people", and therefore makes her neutral about people like Rebecca Black and other celebs people absolutely hate.

Relation with her VocaloidEdit

She's more or less friends wirh Rynee and Alen, but acted a bit like a mother when they were growing up. Rynee loves to pick on her, but she really doesn't care much and lets her. Though Rynee will physically beat her when she tried to ship her with Lek, she never fights back because she says "she won't actually kill me" and that if Rynee doesn't let it all out, she literally "breaks". Her relationship with Alen is less extreme, though with her innocence she can't really look at his work without fainting. Otherwise, they're relationship's pretty normal.